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A Four Leaf Clover Style Wrap Ring with a 5mm ForeverStone® containing cremation ashes.


The colour used in this example is 'Pink' but you can choose any colour from the colour chart in the photos.


The handmade section of the ring is the 5mm Memorial Stone that contains the cremation ashes.


No size required as this is an adjustable wrap style ring.


You can:

  • Choose a colour from the chart
  • Adjust the ring to your size
  • Add an ashes kit (Only one kit needed per order not per item)
  • Discuss your requirements prior to ordering


Material:  Sterling silver


Weight: 2g 


Supplied with a SamFire Memorials Ring Box and Certificate of Authenticity.

Please be aware that this is wrap style ring which is prone to catching so it is recommended that you wear it occassionally and with care.


What is the process for sending Ashes, Hair or Fur?
You can purchase and ashes kit which has everything you need including return postage (UK only).


Otherwise the materials will need to be packaged in a sealed bagwith tape over the seal for extra measure.


The postal method you use to send the materials are your own preference. Always use a padded envelope to protect the ashes as they pass through the postal systems. and include your name, address and order number.

You will receive confirmation of the ashes arriving.

SamFire is based in Ironbridge, Shropshire and the address is sent to you within the order confirmation email.

Four Leaf Clover Cremation Ashes Memorial Ring

SKU: RI134
  • Once you complete the order process a set of instructions are sent to you with the following information:

    Thank you for purchasing Memorial Jewellery from SamFire Memorials.

    Firstly we would like to offer our condolences for your loss.  Secondly please be reassured that every step of this process is carried out with the utmost respect for the ashes, Hair or fur.

    When you are ready, we will need approximately a tablespoon measure of ashes to make the stone.  This will need to be carefully placed into a bag with a tight seal and tape the end to make it extra secure.

    Once the ashes are ready send them to:

    SamFire Memorials, 14 Dale View, Dale Road, Coalbrookdal, Shropshire, TF8 7DL

    As soon as we receive the ashes we will let you know and hopefully this will put your mind at ease.

    We will then start the process of making your order ensuring that the ashes hair or fur are cared for at all times.

    If during the process I have left over materials that contain ashes, I will never dispose of them, they are made into a pocket keepsake and included in your parcel no matter how small or big that may be.

    Once your order is complete, it's packaged and despatched along with any remaining ashes.  The package you receive will be a small parcel and will need signing for on delivery.

    If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

    Kind Regards

    The SamFire Memorial Team

  • A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring made up of:

    • A pair of hands - symbolises Friendship
    • A heart - symbolises Love
    • A crown - symbolises Loyalty 

    Often worn as a wedding ring but more recently worn as a statement peice of jewellery.  If worn to symolise a relationship then here is the correct etiquette:

    • If you're single you would wear a Claddagh ring on your right ring finger with the point facing towards your fingernail
    • If you're dating you would wear a claddagh ring on your right ring finger with the point facing towards your arm
    • When you’re engaged, you wear the ring on your left ring finger with the heart facing towards your fingernail
    • After you’re married, you wear the ring on your left ring finger with the heart facing towards your arm

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