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A Heartfelt Story

Sam in studio Jul looking down closer_ed

I'm Sam, Founder of SamFire Memorials.  

believe that when a soul leaves this earth, they should still live on amongst us and the love that we feel should continue to grow.  Memorial Jewellery does just that, it keeps our departed loved ones close to us so we can still feel their love.

I've always been a maker and creator of all things arts and crafts but I've been looking for something to connect to on a deeper level.  After a series of significant losses and getting lost in my own grief, the idea was born to help others feel comforted in these incredibly sad times.

At SamFire we don't just make jewellery, we create a new bond between people and their loved ones.  We talk to our customers and offer support and understanding.  For me, the ability to make someone's grief that little more bearable is what it's all about.

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