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A guide to sending Ashes, Hair or Fur

You can purchase an ashes kit with your order for £4.80 and you will receive everything you need to send the ashes, including a prepaid postage label so you can simply pop it in the postbox.
(You can find this during checkout and also in the 'Things you may need' category on the all designs page)

It's not essential to order an ashes kit as you can use what you have to hand at home following the instructions for sending ashes.

I don't automatically send out an ashes kit with every order because the cost of doing so would be passed on to the customer and as an affordable jewellery maker, I'd rather give people the choice.

Ask Kit_4_edited.jpg

How to send Ashes, Hair or Fur 

1. You will need:
  • a small strong resealable bag
  • a spoon
  • a pen
  • tape
  • pen and paper
  • padded envelope (jiffy bag)
​2. Use the spoon to decant one spoon per item into the sealable bag.

3. Use the tape to tape the opening of the sealed back for extra security.

4. On the piece of paper, write your name, the name of the deceased and your order number.

5. Write the address (found in your order confirmation) on the Padded Envelope*

6. Place the ashes and the information on the paper into the padded envelope.

7. You will need to add the correct postage* to your envelope and post the package in a postbox.

*You must use a padded envelope to protect the ashes.  Paper envelopes tend to tear as they pass through the sorting office resulting in the ashes falling out before delivery.

*Postage needs to be at least a First Large Stamp (UK) as a regular stamp will be inadequate due to the thickness of a padded envelope.  You may want to opt for tracking for peace of mind.

If  need any further instructions please email

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