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Forever Stone™

What is Forever Stone™

At SamFire Memorials, we have developed and perfected our beautiful Forever Stone™ to provide the best possible products for our customers.

We have three different designs of Forever Stone™


The cremation ashes are hidden within the stone in an opaque colouring although some texture will be visible. 



Ashes are visible within a clear portion of stone and made more vivid with a background colour.

Heart Stud Earrings_1_edited.png


Cremation ashes are added to an opaque colour in their entirety and cured upside down.  This gives the Forever Stone™ an Astral effect.

Finishing touches can be added to any of the three Forever Stone™ designs

Hidden with Glitter/Glitter Flakes


Visible with Glitter/Glitter Flakes

Celtic Style 2 Ring _5_edited.jpg

Natural Ashes

Natural Ashes_edited.jpg
The Forever Stone™ can cater for each individual style and is fully customisable.  Each of our designs lends itself to a certain type of Forever Stone™ which is highlighted in the product description.  Each example of each design will showcase the best Forever Stone™ for that particular item.  

Natural ashes result in such a beautiful stone which creates the only stone of its kind in the world.  Cremation Ashes come in different shades and sizes so the pattern and colour for the stone is entirely dictated by the ashes themselves.

Have any questions?  We'd be happy to help...

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