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Grateful to be working with such lovely families

I'm often asked what I enjoy most about running SamFire Memorials and I have to say its working with such wonderful people. People who come to me have suffered a bereavement and are most likely in the darkest place of their lives so I'm always blown away by their warmth and kindness.

One of the privileges I'm given is an insight into the life of the person’s ashes that I'm working with. This may come naturally during conversations or it may come after someone has received the comfort of their jewellery or keepsake. On occasion it's simply too painful for the person to share stories of their loved one and thats ok too. I never pry but if I do get to hear stories then I consider myself very honoured to be part of that persons journey.

I've been working with a family local to Shrewsbury who first visited me after the loss of their patriarch, Ian. One of the family works at WRR Pugh and Son Funeral Directors in Coleham where I have my jewellery displayed and they are a great advocate of my work so naturally the family came to visit my studio. I have to add that everyone at Pugh's has been so kind to me and I'm in ore of their professionalism and attention to detail.

Ian's granddaughter, Natalie, very kindly shared a story with me about her grandad as my studio suffered a water incident whilst I was working with his ashes.

Apparently, Grandad was a prankster. He loved to play tricks on the grandchildren which inevitably meant the grandchildren started to play tricks on him. One day, Natalie and her brother filled up grandads wellington boots from behind with water from the garden hose and grandad thought it was so funny it became his favourite story to tell others.  What a good sport!

Granddad and grandson up to more water mischief! 

I love to see photos of loved ones too. I can get a real sense of their character and here I see a fun loving man who everyone adored. Ian must have been an absolute joy to have as a grandad and I know from the family how very much he is missed.

Stories like these make my day. It really is a huge prilivedge to be part of a loved ones journey and hearing about their lives and their characters is quite the bonus. 

Thank you to Natalie and her lovely family for allowing me to share this story. 

If you have a story about your loved one, human or pet,  that I can share I’d be honoured to write about them in my next blog post.

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2 comentarios

We are so grateful for everything you have done for us Sam!! Your jewellery is beautiful and has brought us all so much comfort. We can't thank you enough...

Grandad would love that you have written this blog about him, I'm sure he is telling everyone in heaven he is famous!!!! Hehe!

I'm so sorry about your water leak, so crazy that we spoke about water and us filling his wellies during a speech at his funeral and then this happened to you while working with him.

We miss his cheeky character everyday!

Thank you again for everything, it's been so lovely to me you xx

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19 jun
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He'll always be a star here at SamFire Memorials!

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